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BoRui Hair Guarantee


 Professional Attention, Professional Care


BoRui Hair Quality Control From Sourcing to Delivery

Ever wonder what your newly-purchased human hair went through to arrive safely at your doorstep? At BORUIHAIR, even before your order is placed – whether as a wholesaler, distributor, or someone who's just looking to buy the latest gadget – our products are streamlined into a system that checks and double checks quality, from sourcing to delivery.


A: We've been delivering the same premium-quality virgin hair and we have the fans to prove it!

B. We guarantee you won't find a
more affordable premium-quality virgin bundle than ours. Since the beginning, we've built our company to keep prices as low as possible, all for you.

C. We have 
different kind of hair and Lace Wigs company. In fact, we're led by people just like you, and we spend every single day obsessing over how we can ensure that you're treated like the true beauty that you are.

Safe, Reliable Payment methods and return policy.

E. Professional customer service for your whole order.

F. Any Quality Problems , Our Factory Can be Repair Or Replace During 15Days

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